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StoneHedge® XL

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Capable, durable and attractive, StoneHedge XL® is the ideal product for any freestanding wall. Stone Hedge XL® can be used to construct unique applications such as privacy walls, seat walls, partiion walls and more.

Straight Solid

8" H x 18" W x 12" D

80 lbs.

Rockwood Universal Cap

4" H x 18" x 10.5"

54 lbs.

The Advantages of the StoneHedge® System . . .

It’s Fast...
The uncomplicated design of StoneHedge makes installation quick and easy.

It’s Simple...
Prepare the base, set the block, and build a limitless number of applications. With StoneHedge's® one-unit construction method you can easily build privacy walls, partition walls, pillars, seat walls, light posts, and more.

It’s Strong...
Upon construction, StoneHedge XL® blocks create cores. When filled with gravel, these cores create vertical "stone columns" allowing you to build up to 6 feet high without reinforcement.

It’s Versatile...
By simply cutting StoneHedge XL®, inside and outside radius curves are easily accomplished.