About Us

Duke Concrete is a family owned and operated concrete products manufacturer, and full line masonry and hardscape retailer. We pride ourselves in our long-standing commitment to the manufacture of superior quality concrete block and segmented retaining walls. Duke Concrete has been serving New York’s Capital Region and North Country for over 50 years. We are deeply rooted in our local business community and value the relationships we have with our partners. Duke Concrete is conveniently located in Queensbury, situated just 50 miles north of the Capital Region and right at the gateway to the Adirondacks. Our location and fleet allow us the ability to service a wide sales area including New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

Duke Concrete is a one stop shop for all of your masonry and hardscape needs. In addition to our locally manufactured products, we represent some of the top brands in the masonry and hardscape industries. Our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff are ready to help you at any stage in your project, from inception to completion, with unmatched quality service. At Duke Concrete, whether you need one block or thousands, we provide the same level of service to everyone from the DIY’er to the largest commercial contractor and everyone in between. For our contractor customers, our ability to offer you market-based pricing on regular and architectural masonry units, as well as related products and accessories, allows you the opportunity to bid work competitively. For our design professionals, our role is one of a masonry consultant and we welcome the opportunity to assist you in the quest for suitable materials for your masonry design.

We support our local business community and urge you to do the same. Fun fact: Concrete is the most locally sourced of all building materials. Wood is sourced nationally and often internationally, trucked in over long distances. Concrete and concrete products are manufactured locally, from locally sourced aggregates and cement. The money you spend on masonry products stays in our community and supports local jobs. We strive to promote and expand masonry construction in our area; not only because we believe and can prove that it is a superior building material, but because of the direct impact it has on our local economy.


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