75LB Masonry/Motar Cement - Portland, Lime: Type S


Cement / Foundation Coating - Premix - Concrete Repair/Patch/Grout - Sand - Miscellaneous - Spec Mix

Type S:

  • Used where high or moderate strengths are necessary
  • 1800 PSI

Hydraulic Cement consisting of a mixture of Portland cement and lime. Bonds units together in an integral structural assembly, seals joints against penetration by air and moisture, accommodates small movements within a wall, accommodates slight difference between unit sizes, and bonds to joint reinforcement, ties and anchors so that all elements perform as an assembly.


  • Conforms to ASTM C91

Will make ASTM C270 mortar for unit masonry when properly mixed with mason's sand conforming with ASTM C144 and tested in full accordance with all the applicable provisions of ASTM C270.

ASTM C270 Mortar Specification

Approximate* Material Quantities


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